Payroll and HR Consulting

Payroll. Xsello is a payroll and HR service provider who provides payroll and other business services according to small and mid-range businesses. Our firm’s founding principle was to provide payroll and HR services at affordable costs so short and mid-range companies can have an HR and payroll service backing them up. We cover simple payrolls from hiring new guys to paying and calculating applicable taxes for small or mid-ranged businesses.

We started our services back in 1995 and haven’t looked back since then. From a small start-up back then, we have become one of the top 100 in the future 500. Our success speaks for itself with thousands of stratified customers and business owners. We have their trust behind our backs. Our team is staffed with the experts having no match in their respective area while maintaining a strong relationship with IRS and local agencies to keep you acquainted with all local laws and regulations. We are here to give you privileges as a client and making you feel like the real in charge. Our services come at affordable and pocket-friendly costs.

We know hiring a firm for these services can be a white elephant for the small business owner. We came with an idea of a payroll service provider that could provide their services compatible with every business and their budget range. We have planned all sorted out and well worked out for every possible company and their financial capabilities. You can choose from any plan ranging from basic to premium one, whichever may suit your business plan. We have provided our services for an extended period to every business sector, be it a retail store or a pharmacy chain.

Why Choose us:

There are dozens of reasons to choose us in place others in the market, but the most compelling ones are stated below:

Diversity of Services:

There is plenty of HR and payroll services out there in the market providing their services. What they lack is the diversity in their services. Our services range from Payroll Processing and Services to Time and Labour Management and ACA Monitoring. We will cover every aspect of your business and service, leaving you to only focus on expanding and making your business grow. All these services will save you a lot of time, and our team will cover them for you by analyzing and appraising data of all sorts. You won’t have to worry about your budget or employee payout anymore.

We will make it easy for you to pay, rapport, and protect your dynamic team.


What makes us stand out is our experiences in this field. We have been in business for more than 45+ years. We have seen and analyzed it all. Our plans are flexible and can be molded as per your need. We provide top-quality and impeccable services at a comparatively lower rate. Our services are as good as it gets with our team being in touch with you every time accessing your business growth.

Xero Account Services:

You get from us our exclusive Quickbook and Xero account services, which can be integrated with your Payroll Xselleo. What this will do is connect you and your business solely with our servers. We would get every bit of information and data via this to offer our expertise and solutions for any hurdle and hindrances you face during our journey together.

Power-packed Plans:

Our plans are what make us exclusive in this field. They are well designed and accessed before being made available to our worthy and honorable customers—these range from the basic to the extensive and premium plan for Payroll and HR services. We would proudly define our objectives in three simple words: Core, Simple, Perfect. Each of our goals is well studied and prepared to meet every business requirement and not be a business burden. We are responsible for your business growth, not to become a white elephant for your business. Our basic plan or package includes services and perks, which almost every other payroll service provider entitles you to their mid-tier package. Being affordable is the crown in our jewel, and we can say it openly and proudly. We will serve you while being light on your pocket, so you and your business continue to prosper with our payroll and HR services. Some of the perks in our services are

  • E-Signing of W-4s and I-9s for new hires.
  • Automatic payment of State and Federal Unemployment Insurance.
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Paid time off tracking
  • Health Benefits Administrations.

You will need to consider upgrading to either the Simple or Perfect plan if you need the following services:

  • Online offer letters
  • Customized employee documents
  • Manage paid-time-off requests and approvals
  • Employee directory
  • Certified HR Pros



We have various services to offer, from Payroll to Time Tools. Here’s what you’ll get with each of our exclusive services:


We have a payroll system that is simplified so you can understand and use it efficiently. It’s so simple that you can understand what’s going with your payroll and use it yourself. All the tax handlings and payments are handled automatically, so you won’t have to worry about a thing as your ease and peace of mind. Our payroll is designed in easy ways, so it takes minutes instead of hours, and your team gets paid in minutes. There are virtually unlimited payrolls with employee access between the paydays, so you get to keep in touch. It synchs with your team hours collectively, and it is summarized so you can review it yourself. We will work out your applicable and due taxes federal and states’ so you won’t have to worry again about any deadline. We don’t charge for this like competitors- it is included in our services. We have an integrated service so you can get all your data and statistics in a single place. We will keep you and your business compliant with any changes in the law or taxes.

Your every form, whether be it W-4 or I-9 it would keep in check. Your workers working on a per-hour basis will be checked as well. Have you got any query or a question you want attending to, you can call or email us? We have complete customer service for this. So you won’t have got be worried. Your employee can provide some perks with this as well. You want to help them. Our payroll will give them access to their details, and they can view their W-2 and other related stuff. It provides them debit card access to their money on their payday.

Hiring tools:

Our HR service and its associated tools were built to help you create a world-class team of an expert while saving your team even if you are mobile. Our tools will help you send a customized and tailored appointment letter to the new hires, so they feel welcomed in your company or business, and your relationship kicks off well. As an owner, you will be able to check off your custom list of onboarding tasks.

You will have to worry less, and it will save your time as time is of the essence. You won’t have to worry about the forms getting signed or to set up benefits etc. You set up custom tasks for your ease. It will help you manage your time quite easily. As far as your documents go, they will be saved online, so you’ll always have a safe backup for your records. You can arrange. Edit, read, or even sign them in E-form. Our system lets you set all your employees up with a single click. We call it software provision, and there are plenty of choices for you to choose software from.

As all big firms and conglomerates go, it’s all about team management. Any business or a company’s success lies in its team management. It all about creating a perfect, joyous and prosperous environment where everyone grows, and it is eventually helpful for you and your business. You will get numerous options such as conducting surveys or wishing your employees birthdays. All of this will help you built and set up a world-class team of experts who are willing to work hard for themselves and your business or company.

HR Services:

We are all well aware of how difficult, tense, and mind burdening recruitment could be. Our HR services will help you with and will overcome this together. You can get our HR experts at your service, including payroll and hiring tool services, with our mid-tier plan. It will help you in hiring new staff and evaluate and analyze their abilities. Our HR expert will throw in their expert opinions and advice and act as an acquittance with you all the team.

They will formulate a series of the question according to your position requirements to save your time. These services will be at your disposal on a phone call or an email. They’re a pretty hefty amount of fines associated with HR, so our experts will alleviate those threats for you and help your business sail smoothly. You will be notified immediately as a law or regulation change takes place. Your queries and qualms will all be settled by our certified experts from international firms. You will have no problem in terms of HR service. HR experts will help you in performance evaluation, job description, termination requirements, and hiring practices. They will have hundreds of templates ready for anything, so you won’t have to solve your puzzle from the first piece. When combined with our Payroll services and hiring tools, getting HR services will be a killer deal for you.

Employee Perks:

Employees are your first line of defense, and everyone should take care of them. There are plenty of laws, but you can always add something extra to make them more than just an employee. This will ultimately benefit you and your business as they will bond with you, see you as a family member, and care for everything you care for. It brings out the best in them, and they will make sure they pay your kindness and affection back with their top-notch performances. It is merely a human instinct to reciprocate kindness and respect.

We will make health and financial benefits for your workers cheaper than ever so you would remain connected to your workers. Our experts will do this job for you and work out a perfect supports program for you according to your budget so it won’t be a burden on your financials. We will make sure it complies with every applicable government law not to run into any problem.

There are tons of perks you could give to your employee, and it certainly would be a win-win situation for you as it will strengthen your relationship with your employee and build up a strong team. When the words go around for all the perks and benefits you have given to your employees, your business will become a dream job, creating healthy competition. Some of these benefits are 401(k), dental and medical support, health reimbursement, and paycheck splitter.

Time-saving tools:

When integrated with your payroll services, our time tool services become too easy for you to calculate the team’s hours, time off, and holidays. You won’t have to figure your worker’s hours working time off again. All of this will be done in an automated way. Employee trach hours so you can approve it without any additional efforts. When working on a project, employees can track hours spent on the particular tasks to get a detailed cost report for all the wages and taxes.

It will all be on an automated system freeing you from any mental restraint. Our time tools can sync with other services like Quickbook or Xero, making it easier for you and your business. Your paid time off regulations can be customized to make them fit for your teamwork. It will be organized in a simple way to navigate easily through all details with relative ease. All these, in simple terms, means you will remain free of accounting albatross.

Time off balance is a pain to calculate, but our Time tools make it easier for you to understand adjustments to it. Your employee will have access to this as well, so they will be aware of it too. After setting this system up, your employee will be able to get in touch with many different things meaning they can submit a sick leave or vacation for your approval. It’s all in synch with your payroll, so you don’t get to miss a single thing. As your payroll is in synch with Time tools, you will get to create your custom holidays or federal ones, which will be approved automatically and be marked in payroll as default paid time off. Managing things and business wasn’t that easy after all. Our system is always in sync with your calendar, so you get to approve time off, mark critical dates and get payroll reminders so that you can never forget any significant event.

It will work with different calendar apps going around on mobile phones and computers. Our system will keep everything for you in synch on any approved device so you can manage everything from anyplace with freedom. You don’t have to read and agree with spreadsheets anymore as it will take over things from you. All financial details will be saved automatically, which includes work time, overtime, etc.