In our years as a brand consultancy, we have come across a lot of reasons for an organization to do re-brand. Perhaps the corporate focus has changed, a merger with another company, a changed business offer or a need to mingle with a new target audience. Whatever the thinking, rebranding could be the vital step in making sure that your brand identity truly represents your current aspirations and values.

In a nutshell, rebranding is about using a perfect design and effective communications to create and protect competitive advantage. We can do this for you.

Understanding the values of where your brand identity is now and measuring them against the values you brand needs to support your organization’s ambitions moving forward is the key to effective rebranding.

Some companies may require a complete change of their brand identity, which could entail everything from brand research and evaluation though to planning a brand strategy, formulating brand implementation guidelines and creating new brand designs. In other instances the need may be for just a brand refresh, or some visual change to help modernise and breathe new life into an existing brand identity.


At Xselleo,  we understand the equation. Whether you require a complete rebranding service or just a fine-tune, we have the experience of the rebranding process to help you make the branding decisions that will allow your organisation to communicate and compete more effectively.

Plummering sales, competitor pressures, outdated marketing strategy, and revenue are some of the reasons why a company need to reposition itself and remain financially viable. Xselleo is the leading global resource for case studies on effective brand transformations: the repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets to meet business goals.

The truth is that rebranding does not need to cost a fortune or be a long process. As an experienced branding consultancy we use strategy, planning and market knowledge along with design creativity to make sure that your rebranding will not only succeed as a communications tool, but will also deliver a huge return on investment.

Beta Omega Social Services (BOSSDC) relies on Xselleo for its digital marketing expertise, particularly in the areas of branding and social media marketing. The Xselleo team is knowledgeable and committed to supporting our mission. We consider them invaluable partners in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new opportunities. We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice when it comes to our digital marketing strategy.

Quintin Hudgens Executive Director - Beta Omega Social Services


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