The software consultants at Xselleo are also senior application developers with years of professional experience. They provide top-notch technical guidance and advice on projects when they create their application architecture and strategize with clients to create software that be the supporting solution to all your business problems.

Xselleo’s mobile and web application developers spend capture project requirements from key stakeholders and translating these into objectives that can be met by the Xselleo team. They are collaborative and have a holistic view of all sides of the project.

We all win when our application consultants write code at a senior software developer level. This is why we are strong at processes and ensuring seamless transition between the planning, and execution phases. In certain organizations, or if working as a freelancer, consultants may not write code but are familiar with the technical aspects needed to create software but we have you covered.


What qualifications do they have?

Our application consultants are able to indulge themselves in the client’s business and build an application as if they were a direct employee of the client.

Years of experience building software for many businesses and industries. Using this experience, our software consultants can quickly adapt to a client’s business.

Very good at multi-tasking and time management. Our team has experience handling more than one project at a time.

Provide technical advice that will reduce cost, increase revenue and make processes more efficient.



Demonstrable ability to lead projects, and others, without waiting for specific direction from management, or the client. A software consultant has done their due diligence, knows what needs to be done, and is always working toward meeting the client’s needs.