Q) How can you assure that your sales outsourcing services will be right for my customers industry?

We have many years of experience with sales and marketing in many industries with all sorts of complexities. Our business leaders take pride in each client that we work with and our greatest interest is to continue a track record of success.

Q) What if low budget firms could avail the services of sales outsourcing services?

We improvise on wide variety of services to ensure the low prospective of low budget firm also but with it depends on the terms and conditions as we provide the prospective of low cost entry level sales outsourcing services that could be able to service the needs of lead generation. Not a big amount but we would able to cater you with a few thousand dollars per month, these programs would be able to have you pre-screened and give you qualified leads within the matter of few days. It will be your accountability to call and follow-up with the further prospects relevant to the concerned aspects.

Q) What if we need you to train our sales team?

Please go through the “training sales and engineering”, as we offer the possibility of sales engineering training within our work plans.

Q) What is Shift 4 Branding?

Shift 4 Branding is one of our leading offerings. With this service, we strive to boost the marketing and brand recognition of your business.

Q) How would Shift 4 Branding advance my Marketing?

We offer the following services to advance marketing for our clients;

  • Social media management (twitter, Facebook, instagram)
  • Email marketing for the effective provision of sales and brand strategy
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • SEO Services

Q) How do I pay for your sales outsourcing services?

They are prepaid services available for the customer’s convenience. We accept credit cards and business checks.

Q) Do you work on commission only sales?

We review each opportunity with care. If there is a commission only project, we would like to review the details and negotiate the terms.

Q) What are the prospects related to the minimum engagement?

In this context, it could be explained that our sales outsourcing services start with a prosperous time span of 4 months. It depends on the case whether it should run for 2 or 4 months as sometimes shorter contracts can also be accomplished.

Q) How are the prospects of Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, & Tele-Sales programs work, and can they be differentiated?

The prospects of lead generation, telesales marketing, and appointment setting are interlinked with each other and characterize diverse phases in the sales progression. Lead Generation happens to be prescreen and ensures the prospects of tackling the sales with a broader view and if it qualifies to a certain prospects then it turns into a lead. Appointment Setting happens to be the 2nd step phase, whereby, an appointment could be set by us for your team to present a particular product or service, after the prospects of the pre-qualification. The 3rd step happens to be the Tele-Sales, if that particular products ensures certain prospects, then sales could be easily closed on the phone. After which credit card information has been sent to us and we pass that along to you.

Q) What is the rationale of the outside sales program?

Our outside sales reps are mostly organized in a specific market to encounter with prospects on behalf of our customers.

Q) How does the outside sales program work?

We represent your organization while dealing with your customers. We meet the customers face to face, and provide the sales prospects to close the sales on behalf of your organization. Our process is really fast as we have our offices in different states of the United States.